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A bit about me...

I became a mum 11 years ago. Along with the nappies and naptimes, the chaos and coffee came a new world. A world where a banana can be a telephone. Where you can visit India and get bitten by a tiger whilst eating your sandwiches. Where you can pretend to be a pirate for so long that you forget to use your normal voice when answering the door. It made me wonder...why does our imagination run out so quickly? I started telling stories, singing songs and realising that it's not just about having fun. Unlocking a child's imagination is key to unlocking their potential. I now have 3 children and am enormously blessed to work with many others. It is a privilege to get caught up in their ideas and see them realise that in the story world, there are no wrong answers.  

School setting

I work with infant and primary schools, creating stories and imaginative sessions that are fully interactive. They are bespoke to the needs of the children and the topic at the time. We want to see the benefit! So I always work with the teaching staff and involve the children fully.

Other bookings

Be it at a gallery, museum, party, festival, or other event, I can create a storytelling session that is tailored to meet the needs of the people involved. Using the props in my pockets, and my imaginative approach, anything can be brought to life and celebrated.

Intergenerational groups


Check out the 'Truth Be Told' page for full details of my intergenerational project.

Preschool groups

Originally a preschool songtime leader, I love the challenge of singing songs and telling stories so that little ones stay engaged and enthusiastic. Either as a one-off or a regular slot, I can develop the right session plan to suit the group.

"I LOVE what you do and your approach.

It's right on!"

Story Laurie, voted "Best Children's Performer" by Hudson Valley Magazine