Pinnie Pockets

& the Story Apron   






Hi, I'm Gemma Gillard, or Pinnie Pockets to your children!

I'm a storyteller based in Poole, working in and around Dorset. 

I am passionate about children and unlocking their imagination through story. This brings many benefits.  A love of reading, exciting ideas for writing and a knowledge that their ideas and opinions are precious. That they matter.  I wear a hand sewn apron (or pinnie) covered in many pockets and filled with intriguing items that help me to tell my stories and lead my sessions. The children are always involved. They are the storytellers too. Becoming fully immersed in the story, they have the chance to take on roles, direct it, change it, tell it.


The possibilities are limitless, so are the stories, and so are our children.


"These stories are utterly brilliant."

Karen Hunnisett, Assistant Head teacher, Courthill Infant School